Raj Veja

Raj Veja

Paralegal - Mental Health Department


0116 274 5252

Why did you choose to pursue a legal career?

I always wanted to do something where I can help people and make a positive difference. Working in an area like mental health law has enabled me to ensure that the vulnerable individual’s rights are being upheld and heard.

What do you enjoy most about your job at Thaliwal and Veja?

I love coming into work where every day is a learning experience full of opportunities to grow my skills and meet new people. I enjoy being able to connect with the clients and assist them with matters. I find going through the process of appealing their section is rewarding and engaging.

It is rewarding to work in a firm that gives back to the community, through involvement with food banks and being able to participate in various charity events. I also have an amazing support network from my colleagues which enables me to grow professionally and individually.

What has been your highest career achievement so far?

First and foremost is completing my law degree and embarking on my LPC/Masters. I am also very proud to be working in the field of my degree.

What are your career plans / ambitions?

Currently I am studying for my LPC/ masters. My goal once I have completed my studies is to qualify as a solicitor within the firm.

A little about you?

I like to read in particular Harry Potter books. I also enjoy caring for my dog Enzo and spending time with my friends and family. I have a passion for travelling, as it enriches my perception of the world and gives valuable experiences.