Raveena Bhoot

Raveena Bhoot

Senior Paralegal - Court of Protection Department


0116 274 5252

Why did you choose a legal career?


While studying law I was working in the pro-bono clinic, and I found the experience very rewarding and wanted to pursue a career in law. I also liked helping vulnerable people in society. I have a very keen interest in ensuring everyone can have access to justice.


What do you enjoy most about this job?


I feel rewarded by helping the type of clients we work with, I feel like I am making a difference in their lives. The amazing team make every day enjoyable and provide a solid support system. I enjoy the challenge of the work we undertake and that every day is different.


What has been your highest career achievement so far?


Completing my undergraduate degree and gaining employment at a firm which helps people. I am also on the verge of achieving my LPC LLM!


What are your career plans / ambitions?


After achieving my LPC LLM I aim to qualify as a solicitor in the Court of Protection department at Thaliwal & Veja Solicitors.


A Little about me


I like to bake and experiment with different recipes. I am also an avid watcher of true crime documentaries and reading books on this subject.