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To us, mental health matters, and we’re committed to representing those who need us...

30+ Years Experience

The Mental Health department is headed by our director, Ranjit Thaliwal who has over 30 years of experience in this area of law. Ranjit is a guest lecturer at a University and has extensively written articles on Mental Health Law, including a chapter in ‘New Ways of Working in Mental Health’.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a high calibre service, always putting our clients’ needs first. We have forged strong relationships with specialist support and advocacy groups in the Midlands and beyond.

Who & Where

We are contracted by the Legal Aid Agency to provide our services with the assistance of legal aid. We have offices in Leicester and Milton Keynes but cover a wider geographical area.

Can you be detained in hospital against your will?

The Mental Health Act does allow someone to be sectioned and detained in hospital against their will provided that the statutory criteria is met. We can advise on what the criteria is and whether it has been met.

Can you advise me on my section?

We advise and represent those detained under any section under the Mental Health Act and are regularly instructed by those detained under section 2, 3, Community Treatment Orders (CTO) and Forensic Orders including section 37/41 and 47/49

Can I appeal against my section?

In certain circumstances, legal aid may be available without a means assessment, in other cases there may need to be a means assessment and so we will have to undertake a financial review. One of our team members will be happy to discuss this with you and advise as to whether you will be eligible for legal aid.

Will I be eligible for legal aid?

Yes, we are contracted by the Legal Aid Agency to provide our services with the benefit of legal aid. Those who are sectioned under the Mental Health Act and wish to challenge their detention by way of a tribunal will be eligible for non means tested legal aid.

Which hospitals do you cover?

We represent regularly in psychiatric hospitals and units across the Midlands and Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties.

I don’t wish to challenge my section but have other concerns

You may not wish to challenge the section that you are on, but may have other concerns such as leave, treatment or the hospital you are detained at. Should you not be happy with any aspect of your care or treatment, we may be able to assist.


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