3 (of the) Daily Life Activities Affected by Mental Health Issues

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For better or for worse, mental health definitely seems to be on the agenda in 2020 and, whether this is a reflection of an increased desire to create a more balanced world or a general reflection of the state of things is certainly up for discussion.

However, we still need to understand the intricacies of mental health issues and how can they potentially hurt the people suffering and their loved ones around them.

With that being said, in this blog, we are taking a look at some of the key areas that those who suffer from mental health complications can have difficulty in. 

1. Ability to Progress in a Career 

In order to successfully establish a career and climb the corporate ladder, being able to maintain a level of stability is crucial. With the said stability lacking to an extent, for those who suffer from severe mental health complications, career progression and the ability to hold down a steady job can be hampered, to say the least.

In severe cases, mental health complications can lead to months away from work and subsequently interrupt career progression.

Fortunately, although there is room for progress, companies large and small alike are now required to take the mental health of their employees much more seriously. As a result, the subject of mental health is steadily becoming less of a taboo topic in the workplace. 

2. Maintaining Social Commitments

Another challenge faced by those who suffer from severe mental health problems is a reduced ability to cope with and maintain social commitments.

Depression, Anxiety and other forms of mental illness can make it incredibly difficult for sufferers to engage with people around them. In fact, a common coping mechanism for those who are struggling is to shut off from the outside world.

Interestingly, studies have shown that this is often the opposite of what they require and in fact, diminishing social circles only exacerbate the initial problem and for many can be a catalyst for yet more serious mental health issues. 

3. Making Financial Decisions 

Another major struggle that affects those who suffer from mental health issues is the ability to manage finances.

Staying on top of finances requires sharply focused foresight and the ability to make the right decision and for those with impaired mental health, this can be troublesome.

When it comes to making financial decisions, for instance mortgages, credit cards and loans, it can already be stressful. So, coupled with debilitated mental health, making financial decisions gets to a new level of difficulty when suffering from mental health issues.

Concluding Remarks

In summary, for those suffering from mental health issues, daily life can most assuredly be a struggle. As a result, the things that are taken for granted by so many of us become obstacles to sufferers.

In short, poor mental health can lead to economic, social and life decisions being placed on the hold. So, in this blog, we hope to have highlighted a few key areas in which the lives of those suffering from varying levels of mental health problems are affected on a daily basis. 

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