Solicitor Bushra Speaks on Immigration Rules at Indian Summer Festival

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Bushra Ali Indian Summer Presentation

On Saturday 29 June 2013 as part of the Indian Summer Festival in Leicester, Ms Bushra Ali of Thaliwal Bridge Solicitors presented a talk at the Curve Theatre on Immigration and the current discriminatory impact of the Family Migration Rules.

Ms Bushra Ali presented on the difficulties that British and Settled persons are facing in meeting the very high salary requirements in order for their partners or spouses to seek Entry Clearance to join then in the UK. In order to demonstrate how difficult the requirements of the new rules are to meet, she gave the statistic of 47% of the UK population not meeting the salary requirement and in turn the devastating impact of families being severed and the children of family units suffering the most.

Ms Bushra Ali concluded with the suggestion that the European Regulations offer a “golden ticket” in that under European Law, one is not required to meet such stringent requirements and thus under European Law it is not so difficult to apply for a family member to join their loved ones. If the idea behind the New Family Migration Rules was to protect the taxpayer, the aim has not been met. Perhaps the intention of the government is to keep as many foeigners out of the UK as possible. Ms Bushra Ali stated that we need to stand united against these Rules as it is only challenge that will bring about change!