3 (of the) Top Organisations that Support Mental Health Sufferers

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In days gone by, the importance of mental health was not deemed as great as physical wellbeing.

Indeed, issues were often swept under the carpet or worse, totally dismissed.

Additionally, sufferers were made to feel weak and looked down on. However, today, thankfully, this is not the case.

For example, it is now acknowledged that mental health illness is – like physical health issues – outside of anyone’s control.

Because of this suffering caused by mental health issues, patients are in need of help and support in the very same way.

As a result, there are many amazing UK organisations who support those with mental health issues, three of which are detailed below:


MIND is a major mental health support organisation in the UK.

In addition to offering support to mental health sufferers, MIND also campaigns to raise awareness and promote understanding.

Similarly, they also offer sufferers and their families, advice and information on mental health law.

Whilst MIND is a national charity, they have local support networks and memberships who offer more localised support.

This national charity prides themselves on campaigning for change. For example, they believe everyone with a mental health problem should have access to excellent care and services.

Equally, they believe without fail, all should be treated fairly, positively and with respect.

Consequently, MIND also offers professional training and consultancy in the workplace to try and instil these values.


Samaritans is a longstanding and well-established charity; probably the best-known organisation supporting people with ill mental health.

Amazingly, every six seconds the charity answers a call and is staffed by well-trained volunteer call handlers.

Manned 24/7, this organisation prides itself on listening to callers confidentially and without judgement. Equally, every caller is treated with total respect and suicide prevention is a main priority of the charity. 

Established in 1953, Samaritans now has over 20,000 volunteers answering calls in over 200 locations. Although traditionally a telephone-based service, the charity is currently working on an instant messaging service to take services online.


Founded in 1989 as the Eating Disorders Association, Beat strives to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

Believing that eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that can result in lives taken, the charity offers unstinting support.

Consequently, a great number of people and their families have been helped over the last thirty years.

Around 1.25 million people in the UK suffer from some sort of eating disorder.

In addition to the better-known disorders, anorexia and bulimia, Beat offers support to those suffering from other illnesses too. For example, ARFID, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, and OSFED, other specified feeding or eating disorders.

However, it is anorexia which tragically has the highest mortality of any mental health illness.

Beat has a national helpline, open 365 days a year which aims at getting people help as quickly as possible. Not only supporting those who are suffering, Beat offers wide support to family and friends too.

To learn more, get in touch with us today. And, check our court of protection solicitor services.

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