Poonam Dadhania staff photo, thaliwal and veja

Poonam Dadhania

Poonam works as a paralegal in the Court of Protection department. Prior to this, she completed a Psychology degree in her hometown of Toronto, Canada and later graduated with honours in Law from the University of Leicester. Her educational background ignited a passion for advocating for the rights and well-being of society’s most vulnerable members. With a dual expertise in law and psychology, Poonam is equipped with a unique approach to addressing the complex needs of individuals and communities in need. Poonam’s goal is to use her legal knowledge and psychological insights to make a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of those who require legal support and guidance. Throughout her academic journey, Poonam has honed essential skills in legal research, analysis, and advocacy, which she hopes to utilise to aid in contributing to a more equitable and just society. Poonam has a commitment to social justice and aspires to continue advocating in this sector as a future solicitor, which she aims to complete through the SQE route.

Poonam’s recent charity work includes being a part of the human rights based initiative Lawyers without Borders, which is a charitable organisation that harnesses pro bono work globally into volunteer service. Additionally, she has worked with the Legal Advice Clinic based in Leicester to provide free legal advice to those in need. Poonam also has experience working with The Race and Equality Centre based in Leicester in efforts to challenge racial discrimination and promote a racially just society.

In her free time, Poonam enjoys baking and is constantly finding new recipes to test. She also enjoys reading, with mystery and thriller being her favourite genres to read. Poonam is also a massive MCU fan and is always there on opening night for all of the films. A new hobby Poonam has picked up recently is guitar and she has been practicing whenever she has the chance.