Rachael Pinto staff photo, thaliwal and veja

Rachael Pinto

Rachael works as an Admin Assistant since she joined the firm in February 2023. She assists the Court of Protection department with billing duties. Rachael has completed her Bachelors in Commerce, specialising in Finance and Accountancy from Mumbai University, India. The course provided Rachael with transferable skills such as time management and effective organisation, which has contributed to Rachael excelling in her current role. Rachael is passionate about learning new skills, whether it’s through formal education or hands on experience.

Rachael has been an active member of Samaritan Youth Group in India. It is a charity organisation that helps local people in need. They provide support to those in their parish who need it the most. Rachael joined this group as she wanted to make a positive change in the world. Rachael helps the group to raise funds by actively participating in campaigns.

Rachael has recently moved to the UK from India and is looking forward to discovering all that UK has to offer, including its food and culture. Rachael is pleasantly surprised by the beauty of historic architecture, charming villages, and rolling hills in England. Rachael wants to discover more about the UK by exploring its traditions, landmarks, history and famous figures. Rachael enjoys travelling to new places, and trying out new food. Cooking is one of Rachael’s favourite hobbies, as such, Rachael loves cooking as it allows her to be creative by experimenting with new flavours and techniques. Food is great for bringing people together, as such, Rachael enjoys sharing her food with others during social events.