Raveena Bhoot staff photo, thaliwal and veja

Raveena Bhoot

Raveena is a Paralegal within the Court of Protection department, having recently completed her Legal Practice Course. Raveena aims to continue developing her skills to ultimately qualify as a solicitor within the Court of Protection department. Raveena specialises in s21A appeals. Since being in the firm, Raveena has been involved in cases which have successfully resulted in clients returning home with a package of care. Raveena has worked on a number of challenging cases and has gained vast experience in assisting those who are deprived of their liberty. She understands the importance of her role in helping her clients voice their wishes and feelings which is vital in helping vulnerable members of our society.

Raveena’s professional career began whilst working in a medical practice. During this role, Raveena developed vital skills in communicating with people who are unwell both physically and mentally. These skill have become fundamental in her role within the firm. She regularly visits clients who are deprived of their liberty in care homes or hospital settings in order to ascertain their wishes and feelings.

Raveena enjoys baking as well as experimenting with different cuisines. Raveena likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for this reason, she thoroughly enjoys going on long scenic walks with her family and friends