5 Simple Techs to Stay Connected During Social Distancing

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COVID-19 has without doubt brought about the strangest of times.

From office workers to school and university students, they have all had to adapt to working from home.

Consequently, there’s been a massive need for technology and tools to allow remote workers to stay in touch. However, these same tools and apps have been equally invaluable to those shielding and in quarantine at home.

With the many means of communication at their fingertips, the impact has been huge. Significantly reducing the potential for feeling isolated and completely cut off, technology has kept everyone connected. Examples of the best technology helping with communication include the following:


For those less familiar with smart phones and laptops, a Facebook portal tablet is a great piece of kit.

More affordable and less technological, this is particularly useful for the more elderly.

Whether quarantined in residential care or at home, the majority of elderly people are not au fait with modern-day technology.

As such, the portal tablet is well placed as a simple form of video call technology, via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Additionally, it has basic controls and an integral kick stand which allows the user to use hands free.


Keeping in touch with the local community whilst in lockdown has been critical in preventing feelings of isolation.

In order to feel more in touch with the outside world, local or interest-based Facebook groups are a great option.

For example, keeping up to speed with local news is easy if a member of a local group.

Similarly, keeping abreast of local news via a community Facebook group only serves to make everyone feel more connected. After all, finding out which pubs are offering delivery is crucial on a Saturday night in lockdown!

In addition, whilst not in physical contact, knowing how others are coping and what services are operating keeps those staying at home in the picture and feeling included.


A free of charge, a popular messaging app used by many is WhatsApp, accessed by mobile phone.

Now owned by Facebook, WhatsApp can be used for video calls or messaging across the world.

Particularly useful for group communications, WhatsApp groups are easily set up to include any number of people.

Whilst often used for temporary groups organising an event such as a hen party, a family group is an ideal way to prevent members feeling isolated.

For example, sharing pictures and updates of grandchildren during lockdown, will definitely keep grandparents in touch and up to date.


Face to face communication is certainly useful in preventing feelings of loneliness and Skype is a great tool to use.

Because it is software downloaded from the internet, once registered, it’s free to use.

Additionally, using this great tool allows you to video call anyone with a web camera, no matter where they’re based.

Also, Skype is simple to use and allows users to feel fully in touch with friends and loved ones.


Alongside many other video conferencing platforms such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, Zoom is easy to use.

Heavily used during the Coronavirus pandemic, Zoom allows free video conferencing for up to 40 minutes at a time.

The number of participants can be any number up to 100 and it’s a great tool for keeping in touch with family and friends. For example, during lockdown, family and friends have used Zoom for all sorts of events.

From virtual drinks get-togethers to family quiz nights, the familiar grid of smiling faces has become synonymous with keeping in touch during the 2020 lockdown.

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