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If you’re suffering with depression, you know better than most that it’s not as simple as ‘snapping out of it’.

And, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues (although restrictions are being lifted), social distancing and lockdowns can make it even harder to cope with depression. 

However, there are ways that you can improve your mood at home and make you feel better.

Here are 4 useful tips to follow when living with depression. 

1. Build A Support Network

One of the most, if not the most, important things to help your depression is by building a strong support network around you.

Doing so means you don’t have to battle your struggles alone; even if the other person just listens – talking to someone will massively improve your mood.

One way to do this is by looking for support from those who make you feel safe and cared for, someone who will listen compassionately without judging you.

Secondly, research suggests that it’s actually an even bigger mood booster by helping others; so volunteering and connecting with others is a great way to build a support network. 

Finally, you could join a support group for people who suffer from depression, which gives you the opportunity to talk to others and share their experience.

2. Improve Your Sleep

Getting plenty of rest is an absolute must for your mood.

Consequently, those with depression often have a broken sleep – either too much or not enough.

And so, not sleeping properly will heighten your symptoms, ultimately making it more difficult to socialise and manage stress.

For this reason, create a proper sleep routine; go to bed and wake up on time and never skip out on those all important ZZZ’s!

Let’s say, it’s very difficult to fall asleep – try turning off electronics an hour before bedtime and engage in a relaxing activity, such as reading.

3. Improve Eating Habits

Diet and nutrition is very important for our physical health, but is equally as important for our mental health too.

In fact, research shows that a higher daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids, found in salmon or fish oil supplements, can actually improve your mood.

Furthermore, improving your eating habits can make you feel healthier and fitter, which can improve your self-esteem and confidence overall – feeling unhealthy can worsen depression

Lastly, a study found there are brain-essential nutrients that can affect depression, i.e. zinc deficiency increases symptoms of depression.

4. Exercise 

Physical activity can benefit those who are going through depression.

Because, exercise releases feel-good chemicals, like endorphins, in your brain which can help eliminate some symptoms and promote happiness.

As a matter of fact, exercise relieves stress, makes you feel great and the satisfaction of completing workout routines will leave you feeling great and stronger, both physically and mentally.

And so, your favourite workout routine could be a great addition to your depression treatment plan.

Final Thoughts

If you’re suffering with depression, it’s important not to suffer in silence.

So, follow these self-help tips and make positive changes to your lifestyle to aid your recovery and prevent depression from returning.

And always remember, needing extra help is not a sign of weakness!  

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