What Is Mental Health?

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It’s certainly a term used increasingly, particularly so during these uncertain COVID times.

Mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

For instance, it can have an effect on how you think. Equally it affects your mood and how you feel at any given moment. Consequently, it will also determine your behaviour and how you act.

As such, the state of your mental health can impact how you make choices and how easy it is to make them.

Additionally, the ability to handle stress and even how we relate to each other is also shaped by mental health. 


Although often misunderstood for something you can control, just like physical health, it’s not something you can change.

As such, it’s important to take action if you feel you or a loved one needs support.

Mental health issues can occur at any stage of life, in males or females, with equal effect. It’s not discriminatory.

For example, it’s equally possible to suffer with mental health problems in childhood, adolescence or as an adult.


Factors which contribute to mental disorders include the biological chemistry of your brain.

Similarly, inherited genes and any family history of mental health issues can cause you to suffer with problems too.

On top of this, external forces can also give rise to mental health issues. For example, any experience of abuse or trauma will have a huge impact too.


Day to day life can have an effect on mental health too.

However, for some it may result in a temporary period of stress or anxiety. You may feel down for a few days and then bounce back.

But, when it’s difficult to shift or start to impact on your routine or physical health, it’s time to take action.


 Unfortunately, just as it’s often underestimated and some suffering with mental health problems may even be told to cheer up or pull themselves together, there’s also a stigma attached.

As such, people can feel ashamed or uncomfortable talking about such matters.

However, it’s crucial that you talk openly about any issues you or a loved one has concerns about.

In order to get the treatment or medication the patient needs and to prevent any escalation in suffering, make sure you keep talking. Equally, make sure you seek any necessary support.

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