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Jamahl Peterkin

Jamahl has a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Law, both of which he achieved whilst working full-time. Jamahl’s professional career began in administration, and within a few years of leaving college, he became a successful office manager for a regional company before deciding to go to university to study Law as a mature student.

Since joining the firm, Jamahl has gained extensive and valuable experience in s21A appeals and Health & Welfare proceedings in the Court of Protection. Jamahl is experienced in cases that involve issues of highly contentious matters such as covert medical treatment, ex-parte applications, and contact issues. He enjoys the challenges these high profile and contentious cases bring and always tries to seek innovative ways to achieve the best outcome for clients. He works closely with some of the most experienced barristers and experts in the country and seizes the opportunity to enhance his skill and knowledge base. Jamahl has also been involved in many successful s21A appeals resulting in clients returning home with a package of care, or moving to alternative options resulting in an improved quality of life.

Whilst studying, Jamahl set up a community interest company (CIC), which supported people in marginalised areas of society. As the founder of the CIC, Jamahl was not only responsible for the duties of the director, but also was on the front line delivering workshops to members of community. During this role, Jamahl worked with children, teenagers, and adults in the community to teach them music, art, life skills, sports, and provide them with community cohesion.

Before moving into the Court of Protection, Jamahl worked as regional administrator for one of the UK’s largest learning disability charities that supports people with learning disabilities in a variety of areas such as education, and residence.

Jamahl is currently involved in a Birmingham University Research Project, which has the aim of producing accessible legal information for those with learning disabilities or mental capacity issues.

Jamahl is a loving and caring father who enjoys spending time with his daughter and family. Jamahl enjoys keeping his mind and body healthy through activities such as reading, swimming, cycling, and eating healthy. He previously trained as a life-coach, and remains passionate about encouraging and motivating people to be conscious about the importance of positive mental health, but also, the importance of fulfilling their own personal goals, aims, and ambitions.