John Ryan-Blowen staff photo, thaliwal and veja

John Ryan-Blowen

John has many years of paralegal experience, having been inspired to embark upon a legal career following their role as a Court Usher at Leicester Magistrates Court. John has been with the firm since 2020 where they have continued to build upon their knowledge and experience in Court of Protection matters. They assists predominantly with section 21a DoLS appeals and works hard to assist those who object to being deprived of their liberty. John regularly visits clients and strives to ensure that their care arrangements are as least restrictive as possible. They are also keen to identify and source the best possible counsel, experts and interpreters for our clients to ensure that they are represented by an experienced and professional team of practitioners.

In their spare time, John enjoys spending time with their two dogs and going on long walks with them. They also enjoy reading fictional books, listening to rock music and spending time with family and friends.